Court Schedule: Friday, February 23, 2018
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Case Number and Title Judge Time Courtroom Purpose
17-cv-172:  Smith v. Sikorsky (MAG2)Honorable Judge Borden10:00AMtelephoneStatus Conference
16-cr-348:  USA v. AcostaHonorable Judge Capel10:00AMCR 5AChange of Plea Hearing
17-cr-215:  USA v. BrayChief Judge Watkins10:00AMCR 2BSentencing
17-cr-438:  USA v. MosleyHonorable Judge Capel10:30AMCR 5AChange of Plea Hearing
10-cr-43:  USA v. WrightHonorable Judge Coody10:30AMCR 4BPreliminary Revocation Hearing
17-cr-483:  USA v. WalkerHonorable Judge Borden11:00AMCR 2DChange of Plea Hearing
10-cr-143:  USA v. BondChief Judge Watkins11:00AMCR 2BRevocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg